The Faster Than Angels series written by Ace3000 mainly follows two teams, Angelus and Crinale, along with many characters that are both affiliated and unaffiliated with those teams. His series is split up into seasons, each following a main story arc, with season 2 being split up into 3 cours.

Season 1Edit


Season 1 was preceded by 4 introductory parts, posted on WipEoutZone from April 20 to May 1, 2014. They were written before the idea of a series was created. These parts could be called Season 1, Part 0; or Season 0. They do not have to be read, but they will be listed here for completion's sake.

List of PartsEdit

Part 0.1.1: Angelus History

Part 0.1.2: Angelus AGR1 Details

Part 0.2.0: Crinale History

Part 0.3.0: A New Contender

FX400: Angelus vs. CrinaleEdit

On May 9, 2014, the Faster Than Angels thread was created on WipEoutZone by Ace3000, getting the idea to write out a complete series. The season opened with The Threat, and ended with Music Has the Right to Love, on September 8, consisting of 8 main parts, and totalling 16 individual parts.

Season 1 dealt with Angelus' struggle against Crinale, a team that split off from Angelus, disagreeing with their ideals. Their main goal seemed to be to recreate the F9000, leaving Angelus to fight against them in their own ways.

Starting with Part 2, the tradition of naming parts after music albums was introduced.

List of PartsEdit

Part 1.0: The Threat

Part 2.0: Scary Weapons and Neat Logic

Part 3.1: Rage Valley

Part 3.2: Angelus Must Die

Part 4.1: Calm Before the Storm

Part 4.2: The Sound of Ωmega

Part 4.3: Welcome, Simulated Reality

Part 4.4: My Name is Gelorum

Part 4.5: Ascending for the Truth

Between Parts 4.5 and 5.0, there were two separate side stories: Brandon Smith's view of the Temtesh Bay disaster, and Angelus' point of view of Snakenator's Omega Harbour race.

F9000: Fatal Error/The Corrupt Will Fall
Flying With Dragons, Omega Harbour Part 1
Flying With Dragons, Omega Harbour Part 2
Flying With Dragons, Omega Harbour Part 3

Part 5.0: The Funeral Headphase

Part 6.0: Big Sounds of 2210

Part 7.1: Battle for the Year

Part 7.2: Minutes to a Midnight Death

Part 7.3: I Care Because You Don't

Part 7.4: We Are Altogether

Part 8.0: Music Has the Right to Love

Season 2Edit

Cour 1: FX400, 2210 SeasonEdit

Season 2 began 2 days after the Season 1 finale, on September 10. It was the start of the first cour, continuing Angelus' internal battle with Crinale, now with the new pilot Viktor Antonov. The cour ended with the 6 part 23 Months, which went through Angelus' development of their F12000 craft following the introduction of the league. The first cour contained 6 main parts, and 13 individual parts in total.

List of PartsEdit

Part 1.0 (9.0): Speed for the Racing Generation

Part 2.0 (10.0): Initiate the Prototype

Part 3.0 (11.0): Zonecadet

Part 4.1 (12): everyThIng chANges: 01nihil

Part 4.2 (12): everyThIng chANges: 02attak

Part 4.3 (12): everyThIng chANges: 03xtort

Part 5.0 (13.0): No More Sleep

Part 6 (14): 23 MonthsEdit
01: For Her Safety
02: Enter: 'Project X5'
03: Researching Development and Developing Research
04: Boss Fight!
05: Begin Again
06: Overtime

Curse of the DevilEdit

Main article: Curse of the Devil

Curse of the Devil was a side-story, written to aid in bridging the gap between the end of the FX400 in March 2210 to the beginning of the new F12000 league in 2212. It was intended to be Crinale's side of the time, but some parts contained other people and groups. The mini-series ran from December 19, 2014 to January 30, 2016. The links to the parts can be seen in the main article.

Cour 2: Angelus vs. the F12000, Part 1Edit

The second cour of Season 2 started on February 6, 2016. It was the cour to start off the newly made F12000 League, created by Ace3000. It ran until the final part, F12000 Girls Will Seem Somewhat [CENSORED], was posted on August 5, when a combination of time constraints and writer's block meant that Ace3000 could not continue with the series. However, he promised that it would return again soon. The second cour lasted for 17 main parts, or 31 total individual parts.

List of PartsEdit

Part 7.0 (15.0): Her Time Will Come

Part 8.1 (16.1): A Weekend in Canada

Part 8.2 (16.2): Tomorrow's Modern Competition

Part 9.0 (17.0): Peaceful Technology

Part 10.1 (18.1): Chiastic Slide! 4 Consecutive Hairpin Drift!

Part 10.2 (18.2): Down to the Earth! Hyper Downhill Battle!

Part 11.1 (19.1): Do You Know Sidewinder

Part 11.2 (19.2): The Path of Total Truth

Part 12.1 (20.1): Enter: The Devil

Part 12.2 (20.2): Shinigami One: The Demon of Racing

Part 13.0 (21.0): How I Learned to Stop Caring About Revenge and Love My Enemies

Part 14.1 (22.1): The Eliminator Brings Rivalry

Part 14.2 (22.2): Never Trust the Racing Commission

Part 15.0 (23.0): Recognition

Part 16.1 (24.1): Australian Noir

Part 16.2 (24.2): That Crooked Vulture

Part 17.1 (25.1): Before The Incident... [Pt.1]

Part 17.2 (25.2): ...The Stoica Incident... [Pt.2]

Part 17.3 (25.3): ...The Incident's Conclusion [Pt.3]

Part 18.1 (26.1): Stoica's Great Reward

Part 18.2 (26.2): Human After All

Part 19.0 (27.0): Dome 0095

Part 20.1 (28.1): 30 Seconds on Mars

Part 20.2 (28.2): The Rise of Syncline R/I and the Pilots on Mars


Part 22.0 (30.0): Tests for EXPOSURE

Part 23.1 (31.1): Tailing the Angel

Part 23.2 (31.2): Strategies of Darkness and Light: Angelus

Part 23.3 (31.3): Strategies of Darkness and Light: Crinale

Part 23.4 (31.4): A Vivid Wave of Hope

Part 23.5 (31.5): F12000 Girls Will Seem Somewhat [CENSORED]

Cour 3: Angelus vs. the F12000, Part 2Edit

True to his word, on January 1, 2017, Ace3000 started off the new year by completing and posting the next part, A Moment of Stasis (Part 1), kicking off the 3rd and final cour of Season 2, continuing where the second cour left off. The final part, F:/2212FINALE/, was posted on May 7, one day earlier than the scheduled date. The final cour of Season 2 contained 9 main parts, or 30 main parts.

List of PartsEdit

Part 24.1 (32.1): A Moment of Stasis (Part 1)

Part 24.2 (32.2): The Major Cut

Part 25.0 (33.0): A Matter of Time

Part 26.1 (34.1): A Ghost's Attack

Part 26.2 (34.2): Etymological Kid

Part 26.3 (34.3): A Series of Issues

Part 26.4 (34.4): Fear of a Dead Craft

Part 26.5 (34.5): A Fragile Mind


Part 27.1 (35.1): An Umbra Called Crinale

Part 27.2 (35.2): Rage Against Everything

Part 28.0 (36.0): The Takeover is Happening

Part 29.1 (37.1): 2212: A Pilot's Odyssey

+Supplementary Material: A Letter Found in the Room of A Certain F12000 Pilot

Part 29.2 (37.2): Plans Falling Apart

Part 29.3 (37.3): The Destructive Condition

Part 29.4 (37.4): The Holy Angel of Anger

Part 29.5 (37.5): An Identity Revealed

Part 29.6 (37.6): End of a Pilot's Reign

Part 29.7 (37.7): The Aftermath

Part 30.0 (38.0): Brace for the End

Part 31.1 (39.1): Arrival of the Hunting Party

Part 31.2 (39.2): Assembling The Resistance

Part 31.3 (39.3): Fighting the Juggernaut: Alpha

Part 31.4 (39.4): Between Two Worlds

Part 31.5 (39.5): Overkill

Part 31.6 (39.6): Fighting the Juggernaut: Omega

Part 31.7 (29.7): The Fall

Part 32.0 (40.0) F:/2212FINALE/



Two sets of parts were posted in 2017 and 2019 respectively: Beta Angels, which went into the Katana side of Angelus' past leading up to the 2209 FX400 season; and Season 2.9, described as a "Prelude to Season 3".

Beta AngelsEdit

Part 1: 0x00

Part 2: 0x01

Part 3: 0x02

Part 4: 0x03

Part 5: 0x04

Part 6: 0x05

Part 7: 0x06

Part 8: 0x07

Part 9: 0x08

Season 2.9Edit

Part 1: s2.9_1

Part 2: s2.9_2

Part 3: s2.9_3

Part 4: s2.9_4

Part 5: s2.9_5

Part 6: s2.9_6

Part 7: s2.9_7

Part 8: s2.9_8

Part 9: s2.9_9

Part 10: s2.9_A

Part 11: s2.9_B

Season 3Edit

Main article: Faster Than Angels Season 3 (Ace3000 Series)

Immediately following Season 2.9, Ace3000 continued the story seamlessly into Season 3, starting with Part "0", or Season 2.9_F.

Season 3 is split into two separate Arcs: F12000 and Archangel. The F12000 arc continues into the 2215 F12000 season, directly following from Season 2.9. Archangel Arc is set at an unknown time in 2215, and follows the mysterious Rei Kurokawa, an information broker stationed in Ikebukuro. He also begins to race the local touge racers, under the pseudonym "Archangel".

While the F12000 parts keep up the tradition of being named after albums, the tradition is slightly switched up for the Archangel Arc, those parts are named after 'song' titles.

The full list of posted parts, including links, can be seen in the main article.

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